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See your uploaded presets stored in HelixLib.
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Viewing Presets Using HelixLib

HelixLib displays all of your presets represented as cards with a graphic that represents the paths and blocks in your preset. Each model box is color-coded with the color of the model category, and mousing over each box will display the actual model assigned to that block.

You can enter search strings in the "Filter Text" box to show only those presets with matching values. By default, HelixLib searches your preset name, the models used in the preset, and the loaded and modified dates. You can also filter based on the number of snapshots (S), impulse responses (I), tags (T), or versions (V) by entering the letter listed, a pound sign, and the number you want to find.

Presets created with release 2.90 or later also store the waveforms of impulse response files loaded into the Helix at the time the preset was saved. Presets that include those waveforms can be found by entering the search string "WF#".

You can also filter based on snapshot name, impulse response assignment, tag, or filename. In order to filter on those values, you must check the appropriate "Include in Filter" checkbox and click the "Apply" button before entering your filter text.