Compare Presets

Compare any two Helix presets or preset versions to see the differences in models and settings.
Preset version comparison

Comparing Presets Using HelixLib

HelixLib can compare different presets or different versions of the same preset block by block, setting by setting. If the two presets or versions being compared have different models in a specific block, HelixLib will list the models found for that block. If the same model is found in the block, the settings in each preset are retrieved and compared, and any differences are reported.

Normally, HelixLib compares the display values for each setting. These are equivalent to the values displayed on your Helix display and in HX Edit. However, you can also compare and display the exact values stored in the preset by checking the "Compare Raw Values" checkbox. While the display value may show the same value, the actual representation in the preset file may be different.